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“What an amazing and insightful seminar program. Great to see some good friends in addition to meeting some new incredible women. I look forward to seeing this program launched nationwide.”

CEO & President of a leading institutional pharmacy service provider.


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Kaleidoscope Conference – 3 Massive Retirement Mistakes Boomers Make that Create Unhappiness and How to Avoid Them

October 13, 2016

Join Linda and Paula at this Fall’s Kaleidoscope Conference as they prepare you for the emotional, psychological and sociological challenges as you transition to Act 3. Let’s articulate what gives you meaning and purpose and take the first steps toward planning — and/or enjoying — your retirement!

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Act 3 Ignited Individual Retirement Coaching

Nothing has the power to forward learning and action likretirment liste working one-on-one with a personal coach who can meet your specific needs – on your schedule and within your time frame. Retirement coaching is available in person and virtually. For a complimentary consultation, call 410-561-7561, email or visit our contact page.


Planning for Your Act 3 Seminar Series – Sign Up for Next Available Series

This series of two-hour, in-person seminars gives you the steps for defining your passion and personal vision for your Act 3. We schedule these seminars quarterly and cover a variety of topics that will inform your transition plan. You can sign up for all four or select one or more. Email or visit our contact page.

Thinking Ahead to Act 3! Explore where you’ve been and where you’re going – join in a conversation and a learning experience with like-minded executive boomers about what’s important to you as you enter this new stage of life.

Create Your Foundation Part I Explore the emotional, psychological and sociological elements that go into designing an inspiring Act 3.

Create Your Foundation Part II Transition – letting go and creating your Act 3 Identity.

Inspired Act 3 Action Plan Armed with information from earlier seminars an action plan is outlined along with information about how health, wellness, and financial security are also critical areas worthy of consideration for a successful Act 3.

Act 3 Mastermind Group Coaching – New Service!

Join with a cohort of other like-minded boomers in our mastermind coaching program designed to assist you in mapping and implementing your purposeful retirement.

In six sessions, you’ll receive:

• Assessments to help you discover your ideal Act 3

• Insight about your passion, vision and values for forming a new identity (or not).

• A deeper understanding of the psychological, emotional and sociological impact of retirement. And, health, wellness and financial matters

• A guide to thinking about “place” (when you can be anywhere, where would you like to be?)

• A guided approach to implement a full Act 3 transition plan

• Tools for transitioning from the “ladder” to Act 3

If you’re interested in this in-depth service, call 410-561-7561, email or visit our contact page.