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Why Act 3 Ignited?

For previous generations, retirement was THE end game. Until boomers began to hit retirement age.  Our generation has been gifted with a “second middle age” – an extra and precious twenty years for creating anything we want. Which is why we most of us arrive at this point with one thought on our minds:

Now what?

Act 3 Ignited is all about re-defining retirement as a process rather than a destination. Because it’s only through a process that we can discover what fulfillment looks like for us personally.  But it’s uncharted territory. After all, it took decades to build our professional identities. So, what will replace that identity? Not to mention, the business and community ties we’ve nurtured and developed throughout our careers? Our intense drive to achieve, accomplish and succeed in professional life has created an identity that may no longer fit with a traditional retirement role. When you leave your position of power and influence, what will you do to continue to benefit from all that you’ve achieved? How can others benefit from your power and influence in your Act 3? And/or when you leave your position of power and influence, do you still have power and influence? And does it matter?

So, again, now what?

Of course, adding to the fear factor are other aspects of being a 50+ boomers in today’s world:

Health might not be an issue now, but what about 10 or 15 years from now? You might have a fair amount of money, but what if it doesn’t last? And where would you live? Especially, now that you’re free to choose. You have many friends, colleagues and co-workers now – will they remain your friends? How will you develop new relationships to support your third act? What other important aspects of life do you need to consider?

What we know is that if we want to make changes in our life, we need to make them soon, and we need a plan. We can’t afford to wait until the last day before retirement.

This is where approaching retirement as a PROCESS makes a difference. Going through a formal process of discovery is the only way to make sure we are making decisions about our Act 3 consciously and intentionally. It’s how we make sure we create a retirement that truly serves us. A retirement we can’t wait to experience.

“Executive and entrepreneurs 55 to 75 are once again making history by bringing their energy and aspirations to the retirement phase of their lives … but this isn’t your mother’s or father’s retirement. Without a role model or roadmap for this uncharted territory, women are looking to one another to proactively and consciously transition to their ideal Act 3.”

                                                                                                                                          – Paula Singer & Linda Roszak Burton

Who We Are

Act 3 Ignited is the vision of two boomers who’ve spent their professional lives in the coaching, transformation and organizational development fields.  As you leverage Act 3 Ignited’s resources, whether it’s one-on-one coaching, a workshop experience or self-guided exploration using our tools, here’s who will be with you every step of the way:

Paula M. Singer


Paula has been supporting individuals and organizations in achieving their full potential her entire career, and has in-depth expertise in executive coaching, human and organization development, leadership, succession planning and organizational and life strategy. She is a respected and frequent speaker and is active in a number of professional organizations, civic groups and activities. Paula has been honored as one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women three times (1997, 1999, 2001).

She also received her doctorate in Human and Organizational Systems from the Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, as well as her Master of Arts degree in Organization Development. She also earned a Master of Administrative Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University, and her Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. In addition, Paula has a Certificate in Brain-Based Coaching from the NeuroLeadership Institute.

When Paula is not inspiring women to reach for their dreams, she travels extensively and enjoys spending time in remote locations where she can recharge for the next challenge.

Linda Roszak Burton


Linda Burton holds coaching certifications in Brain-Based Coaching from the Neuro Leadership Institute and Retirement Options Coaching from Career Partners, International. She is trained in the Retirement Success Profile™ and the LifeOptions Profile™ assessments, and holds a certificate in Positive Psychology Training from CECity, Inc., License # 1816335. She has completed coursework pursuing a MS in Negotiation & Conflict Management at the University of Baltimore, and holds a BS in Health Education from Virginia Tech. Linda has coached and mentored women in creating meaning and purpose in their lives and in the lives of others. Her proprietary Living Your Legacy©, program assists individuals in designing and achieving their personal and career goals.

She is a board member of the Cool Kids Campaign, member and past president of Network 2000, former member of the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Nominating Committee, former board member of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, and former Chair of the Board for the Howard County Chamber of Commerce. Linda is an Affiliate Member of IOC, at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School affiliate, and a member of the NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI). She is a member of the Maryland Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA).